Membership Recruitment 2021

Vacancies for all our choirs arise each year, when members move on up to our older choirs, or leave the area for university.

Taplow Choirs is looking ahead to the 2021-22 academic year, which we hope will bring with it a return to normality – allowing for in-person rehearsals and our usual, rich variety of performance opportunities.

We are always glad to hear from potential new members, and welcome expressions of interest from singers who are eager to join.

Express your interest

For our younger choirs (Taplow Children’s and Boys’ Choirs) you can now express your interest online.

Open rehearsals

For Taplow Girls’ and Youth Choirs, there will as usual be ‘open rehearsals’ for visiting singers who may be interested in joining in September 2021. These visits are useful for prospective members to get to know what the choirs are like, meet the current members, and take part in making our special sound.

For safe distancing reasons they will take place in St Nicolas Church, Taplow, on the following dates:

  • Saturday 24 April
  • Saturday 22 May
  • Saturday 5 June

2pm – 4pm: Taplow Girls’ Choir
for girls Year 5 – Year 10
4:30pm – 7pm: Taplow Youth Choir
for girls Year 11+ upwards;
and boys whose voices are changing (sometimes as young as Year 8, ie: going into Year 9 in September)

For Covid-secure reasons, it is helpful to know who is coming, so please call Gillian Dibden on 07799 413746, or email at

If you decide that you want to audition, register with Gillian – dates will be posted on the website soon.

Learn more about the choirs

For more information about our wonderful choirs, you can visit their respective webpages at the top of this site.

We have also produced downloadable flyers for

For any enquiries about joining, just contact director Gillian Dibden:
📞 07799 413746